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The Zedian Queen Story

Zedian Queen, currently located in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona, is a faith-based company that originated in 2008.

I began my natural hair journey in November 2007. However, due to decades of relaxers and extensions, I was completely ignorant as to how to care for my natural hair. Not only that, but I also wanted to stop putting chemicals on my skin. After trial and error of numerous products, I decided to make my own organic products. Not just for me, for my three girls as well. After posting numerous products on my Facebook page (LuvN My Zedian Queen), the inquiries and customers poured in. What started as a way to attain healthy, beautiful, natural hair and healthy skin has grown into a business that allows me to share my products and my faith! 

Why should you purchase Zedian Queen products?


All of our products are made with multiple textures in mind. My household has four different hair types/textures and I've developed products to accommodate all of them. All products go through quality testing which never includes testing on animals. 

My desire is to help you see the importance of using the right product, the right way. If you are looking for organic products providing moisture and manageability to your hair, made with love…you need look no further.

May God continue to bless and keep you,
Sullynna – Owner/CEO 

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