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Our products are made with you in mind. What does that mean? Well, we all know looking and feeling good is priceless. However, we can't walk into a store, select desired products and tell the cashier, "Looking and feeling good is priceless" and walk out. Purchasing quality products can cost a small fortune. With this in mind, Zedian Queen products are high quality, organic and budget friendly. 

There are no parabens, chemically based preservatives or formaldehyde in our products. All water based products are preserved with a natural preservative. Because of this, at times an unavoidable separation of ingredients occurs. No need to worry or be concerned, simply remix the contents to use.

Body Butter

For luxuriously soft skin, use any of our signature body butters. Apply to damp or dry skin as needed to add luxurious moisture all over your body.

 Whipped Shea Moisturizer
Whipped Shea Butter Moisturizer

This silky hair moisturizer is also referred to as a sealant to seal in moisture on every hair strand. This can
be applied daily or only as needed. Style as desired.

Peppermint Foot Salve

Rough, dry feet are not only an eye-sore, but can cause serious discomfort and health issues. Our totally organic salve relieves dry, rough and irritated skin by applying healing lavender and peppermint essential oils. Use as often as needed. Apply to clean, damp skin. We suggest
applying at night and covering feet with a cotton sock.

Flaxseed Gel
Flaxseed Gel.jpg

Another of our all organic products, flaxseed gel leaves your hair soft, shiny and moisturized while promoting hair growth. This product is great for all hair types while providing nourishment through the rich Omega 3 of flaxseed. Use for styling your next twist/braid out and wash - n - go.

African Black Soap Shampoo
African Black Soap Shampoo

Our Authentic African Black Soap shampoo uses natural healing properties to cleanse as well as moisturize your hair. 

Creamy Green Tea and Lavender Face Moisturizer
Creamy Green Tea Face Moisturizer

Made with organic green tea and lavender essential oil, this moisturizer is a wonderful way to promote a youthful appearance. 

Body/Facial Exfoliating Treatment
Face Exfoliant

Treat your skin to luxury and softness...organically! This treatment aids in removing dead skin cells and exposing soft, supple skin. Apply to clean, damp skin two to three times a week for more refreshed-looking skin.

Herbal Hair Growth Oil
Hair Growth Oil

Massage this herb infused oil treatment into your scalp and hair twice a week for improved strength and thickness. 

Moisturizing Conditioner

Made with shea and cocoa butters, this silky conditioner goes on smooth and leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized.

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