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Faith Without Works is Dead -James 2:26

I remember about 16 years ago I applied for a corporate position within the company I was working for. After a review of my resume, I was called in for an interview. The first interview question was: “What did you do to prepare for this interview?” Quite naively, I replied, “I prayed” …that was it! The position had nothing to do with my faith, nor was it church-related, but that was my response! The truth was I had not done one thing to prepare for the interview. Yet I was expecting to get the position. A year later, a similar position opened, and I applied. Once again, I was called in for an interview. This time I prepared for the interview. I met with someone in the same position and asked to spend a portion of their day with them learning about the position and the expectations for being in the position. This time when asked the question, “What did you do to prepare for this interview” I was able to provide multiple steps taken to learn about the position, the expectations, and identifying how my being in the position would benefit the company. About a week or so later I was offered the position! Along with faith that God would bless me according to His will, I did the work and was rewarded with a position that I held for 15 years!

Why is this in a hair blog? Because the same work or preparation I used for gaining this position, is required when expecting results with the products we use in our hair. Being a hair care developer and natural hair advocate, I receive a lot of questions like: “What do you have that will grow my hair?”, “How can I get thick hair again?”, “What products do you have that will work on my hair?”. All these questions are fair in their own right. However, no matter what product(s) you use in your hair…just like the words of the scripture quoted in the title of today’s entry…you will NOT see results unless you do the work!

The expectation that simply applying a product will produce results is a false expectation. There is work behind the scenes that must be done to achieve the desired (or similar) result. Take our herbal hair growth oil. When you purchase the oil and only put it on your scalp once or twice a month, do not expect to see major hair growth. YOU must do the work for the oil to do what it is designed to do. You must apply it to your scalp, massage your scalp, and protect your hair to see results. This takes commitment to what is important to you. If you desire to have hair length, strength, and health…you have to put in the time and effort. There are no miracle cures! There are products advertised as such, but this simply is not possible.

To achieve the best results possible, use products that work well for you and your hair, but most importantly do the required work. Faith (expectation) without works is dead.

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