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The Power of Protein

We all have a level of protein in our hair. What is important is knowing your hair and what level of protein is needed for healthy hair maintenance. Some, with low porosity, don't require a lot of protein. Those, like myself, with high porosity, tend to need more protein or more frequent applications.

Protein helps to build a barrier on our hair strands, this is why balancing protein and moisture is vital when it comes to natural hair. Why? When these two are not working together your hair can either become dry and brittle, or limp and unmanageable (hygral fatigue).

Protein treatments vary. Hydrolyzed Protein is most common. The molecular structure of this product is small, yet concentrated enough to offer excellent penetration...providing quality effectiveness and results.

I use hydrolyzed protein once or twice a year. However, I use my hibiscus and fenugreek leave-in conditioner regularly. Both fenugreek and hibiscus offer generous, yet safe, protein levels which benefit my curls in multiple ways.

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